WELCOME to Learn Rails in 20mins.

This is a course taught by Mr. Alfonso Rush a teacher currently instructing at Chicago Tech High School in Chicago Illinois.

At the time of this tutorials creation, my class room children were limited by using only Windows 8 machines. This work was created on a mac running a virtual Windows 8 envirionment and supports Rails 3.2.13. and Ruby 1.9.3

As most all professional development is done on the mac. I have organized sections of this work to entirely mimic the workflow of Rails development on the Mac. If you follow it, you will have no problem doing development on a Mac.


Anyone who wants to understand how Ruby on Rails works.

Patience, persistence and an open mind.


NOTE: DO NOT update rails as mentioned in the instruction at the link below. I will be using the default version of Rails at version 3.2.13

Click this link for instructions on how to install the tools for this course...


The tutorial is split into 3 sections. Each is designed to gently introduce you to the Rails framework.

Chapter01 - First App
You will build the First App, a very basic intro to Rails project. Here you will be introduced to how to set up your system to do Rails development as well as being introduced to specialized software that we will use threw-out the tutorial. I will also introduce you to a popular deployment platform called Heroku. We will be using Sublime text2 as our text editor. A popular editor at the time of this writing. And I will show you how to configure your terminal to work with Rails the same way developers on the Mac do:

Chapter02 - Second App
We will dive a little deeper into Rails and learn the following:

Chapter03 - Third App
Here we will build a FULL ON industrial strength app: